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I forgive you for being you.

Sooooo. I haven't actually updated about me "life" in a really long ass time. Ever since school started I'm a slave to education (no joke. School is basically awesome. I laugh more then I should. There's this sense of being so much older once you get to 11th & 12th grade. It's not just senority. It's more like, fuck you I've been going to school for 11 years. Let me enjoy this! The boys aren't bad either. I have atleast one cute kid in all of my classes. SCORE! Whatever, the year is flying by.

I'm going to see Employee of the Month tonight which should be good. I can't stand Jessica Simpson but DANE COOK!! I love him so much. Me and my friends were listening to Retaliation and Harmful last night for the 100th time and it never get's old. Idontevercare I don't even liiiike Jelly. I get hives if I even loook at Jelly. I don't even know what Jelly is. What is Jelly? oh jeez.

LOST STARTED. FUCK YES. I don't even know what to say about it. Just, thanks for not killing it guys. I actually enjoyed the first episode which is awesome.

I have so much going on and yet I can't seem to put it into words. Life. Here are some pictures:

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Not enough TIME!

I need to make this so I don't lose track of myself.

9:00 - Desperate Housewives (ABC)

8:00 - Prison Break (FOX)
9:00 - Heroes (NBC) Sept. 25
9:00 - House of Carters (E!) Oct. 2

8:00 - Gilmore Girls
9:00 - Veronica Mars (CW11) Oct. 3
10:00 - Nip/Tuck

9:00 - One Tree Hill (CW11) Sept. 27
9:00 - LOST (ABC) Oct. 4

9:00 - OC (FOX)
9:00 - Supernatural (CW11) Sept. 28

AND SMALLVILLE. When and what time is it on?
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Prison Break

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I know I never update my LJ anymore. I decided this is probably going to be about PB and probably other shows when they start. If you watch:

Prison Break
Desperate Housewives
One Tree Hill
Veronica Mars
The OC
Gilmore Girls
The Nine

Then you should keep me on your friends list because I'll talk about these things. Also:

Good Charlotte
Panic! at the Disco
Fall Out Boy
or any other band that I've talked about in the past.

If you're deleting me from your LJ let me know so I can delete you back. No hard feelings.

Good Charlotte in: 26 Days
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School starts in the day after tomorrow. I have so much anxiety since I haven't gone to this school in 3 years. I DON'T want to see everyone again. I DON'T want to deal with the drama. It all sucks and I know I won't be able to sleep tonight or tomorrow night. Last night I couldn't pass out until 4:30 and now I'm really freakin' tired.

The summer flew by. Let's hope the school year does too.
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