moved. (weekendgetaway) wrote,

love baby.

I've been having to deal with really awkward situations lately. Who are we and why the hell do we even act the way we do? All of us are againt hypocrisy but everyone takes part in it eventually. The best way to get by is to never say never. "I would never do that again." Yea, right.

I'm missing my friend more then ever. An ocean seperates us but honestly I feel her in my heart everyday. "I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart." I just want us to be complete. You could join as at the hip and we wouldn't be able to be as close as we are right now. Dealing with family is so much easier when your best friend has a duplicate family.

This is a big ramble but lately everything about me is. I go to school to just see a few people and make the day pass. I live for TV shows. Not because I don't have a life but because it's such an escape from life. Using my imagination is my favorite pass time.

Some kid at school today was wearing BAPE. hook me uppp plzzzz.
I think we just bought this house that's down the street from my crush. 4 houses.


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