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isn't this graphic breathtaking?
ezgi made it.
i don't know why the width is on crack though.

i never update anymore sorry.
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Madison Square Garden.


Madison Square Garden.
Panic! at the disco.
Jacks Mannequin.
Saves the day.
Plain white tee's.

buying tickets on spur of the moment the day before a show? awesome.
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fuck you.

I know that no one but Ezgi will probably read this but it's just to much easier to type in paragraph form. My Mom and me cannot get along for the love of god lately. She wanted me to get a job so I did. Then she told me that 50 dollars of my money should go to her? For what? I only make around 80 bucks so that would leave me with nothing especially since I put $20 of every paycheck aside. Then she starts getting mad that I'm spening my money and critisizes EVERYTHING I buy. I went to Victorias Secret and bought my friend 'PINK' sweatpants and when I came home she gave me a lecture about how I never do things for my family and how I'm worthless.

I really fucking hate her right now. I've never hated my mom as much as I do at this point.
I try to talk to her calmly but the shit she says just irritates me SO MUCH.

this isn't even half of it.
it would take me 5 hours to write up everything.
i'm really unhappy with my family.
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Saturday day night me and my friends went to Hooters for Sam's birthday. It was just us 7 girls and our friend Zain. It's the first time I've hung out with them outside of school all year so it was really great. Afterwards they wanted to go to Jaci's house but since her mom was not in that good of a mood I told them to just come over mine since no one was going to be home for awhile (and I was right since I fell asleep around 1 and no one was home yet.) We had a little bit to drink and we played 'never have i ever' which is always fun. It sounds boring but it ended up being amazing. I'll upload pictures later when someone sends them to me.

I have work today but this is my schedual for next week:
Monday: School - work - then PRISON BREAK!!! AND HEROES WOO.
Tuesday: One class and then going to the mall.
Wednesday: One class and then just chilllleeen.
Thursday: No school.
Friday: No school.

I might not go to school Tuesday and Wednesday I just have to find out if I can miss that class.
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love baby.

I've been having to deal with really awkward situations lately. Who are we and why the hell do we even act the way we do? All of us are againt hypocrisy but everyone takes part in it eventually. The best way to get by is to never say never. "I would never do that again." Yea, right.

I'm missing my friend more then ever. An ocean seperates us but honestly I feel her in my heart everyday. "I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart." I just want us to be complete. You could join as at the hip and we wouldn't be able to be as close as we are right now. Dealing with family is so much easier when your best friend has a duplicate family.

This is a big ramble but lately everything about me is. I go to school to just see a few people and make the day pass. I live for TV shows. Not because I don't have a life but because it's such an escape from life. Using my imagination is my favorite pass time.

Some kid at school today was wearing BAPE. hook me uppp plzzzz.
I think we just bought this house that's down the street from my crush. 4 houses.

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I miss them SOSO much. I'm really excited.
Expect tons of pictures and I'll be updating my hiplog throughout the day so you can check that out.
Also, my cousin just got a new camcorder so we'll probably record the whole thing. This way I can send one to Ezgi ♥

I'm probably getting my extensions today too. In the parking lot while we wait hahaha.
Alright off to school for 2 classes then I leave weeee.
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